Decorating for outdoor entertaining is one part aesthetics and one part functionality. When you are having an outdoor event, you have challenges to deal with that you would not have for an indoor party. Two of the biggest concerns of outdoor entertaining planning are the weather and pests. But with some good decorating, you can create a comfortable ambiance for your outdoor party and be ready for just about anything.

Umbrellas and Other Overhead Coverings

Umbrellas and other subtle overhead coverings offer a relief from the sun as well as ways for you to shield your guests and your food from the winds. If the weather starts to get a bit disagreeable, your umbrellas and overhead coverings are there to give you time to move the party indoors. Umbrellas also protect your guests and food from unexpected and unwanted guests from birds that are flying over your party.

Torches and Natural Repellents

Tiki torches are both decorative and functional as they are filled with an oil that repels bugs. There are certain types of flowers you can plant throughout your yard that add color to your party and naturally repel insects.

Try a Theme

When it comes to having an outdoor gathering and decorating, few things make the job easier than having a theme. If you decide on a Hawaiian luau, then the decorating practically creates itself. There are plenty of themes you could use for your backyard party that would not only make it easier to choose decorations, but it can also help in creating entertainment for your gathering as well.

LED Lights

People love to use different types of lanterns and other fire-related decorations to give their outdoor entertaining a subdued ambiance, but fire-related decorations are extremely dangerous. Instead, you should look for programmable LED lighting fixtures that look like fire-based decorations for your outdoor party. You can program these decorations to be different colors and even flicker in different patterns to add some character to your party.

Go With a Natural Motif

If you are planning an outdoor gathering and you just cut down a tree in your backyard, then those stump pieces would make ideal stools for your food tables. There is plenty you can do with the natural accents in your backyard to add to your decorations. Branches with leaves on them can look like floral accents on your Gazebo, while colorful flowers can act as a natural border around your backyard patio. Before you buy decorations, you should first check to see if you have anything lying around your backyard you can use first.

Outdoor entertaining can be a lot of fun, and it can also give you a chance to get extremely creative. When you accent the beauty of nature and create a comfortable ambiance for your guests, then your outdoor gathering can be an unparalleled success.