If you have your home up for sale during the winter months, then it is important to make sure that your home always looks its best for potential buyers. By following some good winter maintenance advice, you can keep your home energy efficient and ready to impress any buyer. It is not easy to impress buyers during the winter, but it is easier to close a sale when your home shows how well it can handle the winter months.

Inspect the Pipes at Least Once a Month

Winter can last for months, and there is plenty that can happen in the hidden parts of your home during that cold winter weather. When winter gets really cold, your home’s plumbing can suffer. To make sure that you are not on the way to a cracked or broken pipe, you should do a full inspection of the pipes you can see at least once a month. You should also just run your hand over the walls where pipes are running to make sure you do not feel any moisture.

Check on Your Landscaping

People tend to ignore the trees and bushes in their yards during the winter, which can be a big mistake. As ice forms on the limbs of your trees and the edges of your bushes, there could be hazards forming that can threaten your home. Heavy branches can break off during winter wind storms and damage your home. The snow melting from your bushes can freeze as it falls to your walkways and create a slip and fall hazard. Get rid of branches that are hanging low due to ice, and check your bushes to make sure there is no ice build-up under them. If you cover your bushes before winter settles in, then you can usually prevent ice from building up around the bases of your bushes.

Curtains and Doors

A part of winter maintenance for your home is learning how to conserve energy and keep your energy bills down. During the sunny winter days, you should open your curtains to allow the sun’s heat to help warm the inside of your home. As mid-afternoon approaches and the sun starts to go down, you should close your curtains to retain that extra heat.

Every room that has a door and a furnace vent is an opportunity for you to save money. During the winter, make sure to close your interior doors to make it easier for your furnace to heat the individual rooms. This may make your hallways a little cooler, but wearing a sweater when you are in your home is much easier than paying an inflated energy bill.

Check For Ice Dams

Icicles have become an accepted part of the winter landscape, but they are actually warning flags for homeowners. Icicles hanging from your gutters mean that you might have ice dams that could damage your home. Ice dams are created when a poorly insulated roof constantly melts the snow and causes that melted snow to run into the gutters. When the melted snow reaches the gutters, it freezes and becomes extremely heavy. You can worry about the insulation in the spring, but during the winter you should call in an expert to remove those ice dams before they do any damage.

Your house requires ongoing maintenance in the winter just as much as it does any other time of the year. If you are selling your home during the winter and want your home to always look its best, then it is up to you to make sure you do the routine maintenance that is required all winter long.