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Ways To Brighten A Dark Home


You have been noticing for a while now that your home seems to be unusually dark, even in the middle of the day. Brightening up your home not only makes it safer to move from room to room, but it can also save you money by cutting down on how much you use your artificial lighting. There are some interesting and fun ways that you can brighten up your dark home and let the sun shine in.

Paint With Bright Colors

There are interior paints you can use that are specifically designed to reflect natural light and make your home brighter. You can use these paints in any room you like, and especially in rooms that have access to plenty of natural light. If you paint the walls and ceiling in the smaller rooms of your home with the same bright colors, the rooms will also appear to be bigger.

Install Some Mirrors

One of the reasons people avoid installing too many mirrors in their home is the potential for reflecting glare all over your home. But if you install mirrors at higher than normal spots on your walls and put those mirrors in strategic spots that will throw light throughout your house, then your home will seem a lot brighter.

Go With Gloss Instead Of Matte

When you paint any part of your home from the walls to the furniture, you should always use gloss paint to reflect the light better. Matte paint has a smooth and warm look it, but it also absorbs light and tends to keep your home dark. Gloss paint gives a slick surface that will bounce natural light all over your home all day long.

Remove The Lampshades

When you buy new lighting fixtures, get fixtures that do not use lampshades. Decorative sconces that use glass to cover their light bulbs are going to throw more light than a standard table lamp with a shade on it. You could simply remove the shades from your existing fixtures and lamps, but your decor would benefit more if you installed new lights that do not need shades at all.

Try Pendant Lighting

You could increase the light in your home by simply purchasing more lamps, but that is probably not going to look very good when you bring all of those lamps together in your smaller rooms. Pendant lighting is accent lighting that can be hung at any length from your ceiling and can be used to enhance the darker areas of your home. Some people also use pendant lighting to highlight specific areas such as the food preparation portions of your kitchen or artistic displays in your living room.

If you are tired of living in a dark home, then it is time to take action. There are plenty of ways to brighten up your home that are fun, creative, and even cost-effective. Check out your options for brightening up your home and start letting the sun shine into areas it may have been blocked out of in the past.