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Good Neighbors – How To Show Them You’re Appreciative

Having good neighbors comes with a long list of very good benefits. A good neighbor will call the police when there is something suspicious going on at your home and you are not there, and a good neighbor will help to keep an eye out for your kids when your kids are out playing. The way to establish and keep a good neighbor relationship is to show your neighbors that you appreciate them and what they do.

Keep Your End Of The Bargain

When you shovel your walk in the winter and make sure your lawn is mowed in the summer, then you are being a good neighbor. If that tree in your backyard is starting to creep into the neighbor’s yard, then have it trimmed immediately. When you use your snowblower in the winter, make sure you do not blow the snow into your neighbor’s property. These seem like basic parts of owning a home, but they also make life easier on your neighbor and you would be surprised at how many people do not attend to these details.

Communicate With Your Neighbor

Communication is an excellent way to make sure your neighbor does not misinterpret something that you are doing. If you are having contractors over to your house, let your neighbor know so they do not get concerned that strangers are walking into and out of your home. When you go on vacation, ask your neighbor to watch your house and get your mail, and then encourage them to do the same. Communication builds trust in a relationship, and that will help you to show your neighbors that you appreciate them.

Be Considerate

Mowing your lawn at 7:00 a.m. or having a loud party that goes into the early hours of the morning are not ways of showing appreciate to your neighborhood, much less your neighbor. Always be considerate of your neighbor when planning anything. If there is no way to get the project done at a respectable hour, then discuss it with your neighbor and see if you can come to some kind of compromise. If you have dogs, always be considerate when your dogs or barking or you let them out into your yard.

Include Your Neighbor

The only way to become closer to your neighbors is to interact with them. Always invite your neighbors to your gatherings throughout the year, and maybe even set up special gatherings just with your neighbors. Encourage your neighbors to knock on your door when they are looking to talk, or come by and visit when you are sitting on your porch.

A strong relationship with your neighbors can be the difference between a happy home or a miserable one. Unless your neighbor is absolutely against the idea of getting along with you, then you should make every effort to show your neighbor how much you appreciate them. A little consideration for your neighbors can help protect you and your home from crime, and give you another friend to rely on in difficult times.